My Story

My Personal Side

  • I am a husband to my best friend Mary
  • I'm a father to two wonderful children, Aaron and Sarah
  • I was born and raised in the Galt section of Cambridge and still live there today
  • I have two younger brothers and and sister
  • I grew up playing baseball in the summer and hockey on outdoor rinks until my pants froze
  • I love to camp and travel thanks to my parents for taking me and my siblings on road trips across Canada and the U.S.
  • I love the outdoors, hiking and animals
  • I love to ride motorcycle, the longer the trip the better
  • I enjoy playing guitar, writing songs and singing
  • I look forward to new adventures
  • I like to cook, especially with no recipe And of course
  • I like a good wine or beer with that food
  • I love classic music, like rock, blues, motown and jazz
  • Sometimes I just like time alone

My Professional Side

  • I am an entrepreneur
  • I have run my own general contracting company for 25yrs
  • I make peoples visions a reality
  • I am an officiant with Celebrating Life Ministries
  • I have lead 50 high school students on summer missions to third world countries over past decade Mentored and councilled youth and young adults for 23 years designed and implemented training courses for youth and young adults
  • I love to build, create and reconstruct
  • I love to dream and motivate

My Passionate Side

  • I am passionate about pulling the best out of others
  • I am passionate about building and re building ( I love to take new and old/discarded materials and make something out of them)
  • I am passionate about living, I can't wait for a new day to start to accomplish as much as I can
  • I am passionate about encouraging others
  • I love justice